30 MAY 2024

WIN a $5,000 scholarship! Are you a Year 12 or 13 student?

The School of Computing and Mathematical Sciences (SCMS) at the University of Waikato proudly announces the inaugural SCMS Artificial Intelligence (AI) Hackathon Award. One scholarship, valued at $5,000, will be awarded to a student from Year 12 or 13.

This new award is designed to recognise high school students who demonstrate exceptional computing skills during the AI Hackathon. The award is given annually based on the Hackathon results and available funding.

Eligibility Criteria:

  1. Applicants must be Year 12 or Year 13 students at a New Zealand secondary school.
  2. They must intend to enrol full-time in their first year in one of the following undergraduate degrees at the University of Waikato:
    • Bachelor of Computing and Mathematical Sciences (BCompSc)
    • Bachelor of Science with Honours (BSc(Hons)) majoring in Computer Science
    • Bachelor of Engineering with Honours (BE(Hons)) majoring in Software Engineering
  3. They must have domestic fee status or be international students.

Conditions for Maintaining Eligibility:

  1. Students must meet entry requirements and be accepted into one of the specified undergraduate degrees by the withdrawal deadline of A Trimester.
  2. They must enrol full-time, taking 120 points (typically eight papers).

Award Details:

  • The $5,000 prize is paid in two installments:
    • $2,500 after the A Trimester withdrawal deadline
    • $2,500 after the B Trimester withdrawal deadline, conditional on passing all A Trimester papers.

Additional Regulations:

  • The prize may be withheld if no candidate meets the criteria.
  • Recipients agree to participate in any related publicity organised by the School of Computing and Mathematical Sciences or the University of Waikato.
  • The School reserves the right to amend the regulations, maintaining the prize’s primary purpose.

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