AI Hackathon 2024

Event dates and locations coming soon!

AI Forum will once again be hosting the AI Hackathon in 2024 across Aotearoa and the South Pacific.

Participants will learn many new skills, meet like-minded peers, and network with sponsors and mentors.

At the end of the hackathon teams will demonstrate their project in front of a judging panel who select the winner. The best four winners have a chance to pitch their idea at the AI Summit 2024.

How it works

Each site runs their own hackathon over 48 hours to the same general time frame and within the rules set out. All pitches are recorded and each event selects an overall winner. Each winning pitch is then submitted to the judging panel. The judging panel will select the best solutions who will then have the opportunity to pitch to the AI Summit 2024. The audience at the Summit will vote for the overall winner of the AI Hackathon.

We also host a bootcamp, Live Q&A sessions and provide helpful resources before the Hackathon to help you prepare.

Hackathons are a safe space for people from diverse skill sets to come together around a problem to solve. When forming your team, a good mix of people and skill sets will help you to be successful.

Register your interest

Register your interest and we’ll keep you informed of any updates.

hear from our attendees

“Being a part of this experience was nothing short of phenomenal, as I had the privilege to collaborate with some of the sharpest minds out there. Together, we embarked on a quest to cook up innovative solutions and dive deep into the exciting world of AI, all while uniting our efforts to combat pressing global issues. The event saw teams pouring their hearts and souls into the challenges, resulting in a whirlwind of astonishing ideas and unwavering teamwork.”

“It was such an enriching experience for the last two intense days when we delved into our environmental problem, came up with the solution and presented the concept. It was lots of brain power, discussions, reflection and of course laughter with my wonderful team members.

There are heaps of learnings from the innovative minds in the rooms and expanding my connections with brilliant, passionate participants and supportive mentors. Thank you AI Forum NZ, She Sharp, and academyEX for curating such a meaningful and engaging event that bridges AI with real-world impact.”


“The two-day event brought together brilliant minds passionate about AI technology and the environment, with a shared goal of finding innovative solutions to address pressing environmental challenges.

As a judge, I had the privilege of witnessing outstanding pitches and solutions presented by the participating teams. The level of creativity, technical expertise, and problem-solving skills displayed by each team was truly inspiring.”

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